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Published Articles 

Below is a selection of published articles written by Dr Kris.

They are designed to give your career as well as your personal life an increased awareness and to increase the quality of your life.  

Just click on the article you would like to read, and get linked to insight!

Article Selection

Promotion or Perish
Yes, you can marry the chief executive's son or daughter. However, this is only one way you can move ahead of the competition within your company. Dr. Kris offers some ideas ...
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How to manage your career like a Successful Business
People need to know where they are going. They also need to feel comfortable about getting there. Once a person has set up these two items, they usually will be patient in working items out. Each person needs to recognise experiences that prove they have been and are achievers. Once we know our own style, personal preferences and pace we have freedom ...
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Cultural Bridging
Managers know the effects of cultural change But are they showing the concern needed or seeing the value of cultural bridging? Dr. Kris spans the gap ...

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Badge of Courage (or Cowardice)
It's the third biggest killer after cancer and heart disease. Dr. Kris offers some ideas on coping with stress ...

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What is your time worth?
To increase your income, operate as if your time was worth it ... 
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How to change a habit into a new skill?...
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The Difference between a career and a job
Is there passion in the work you do? ...

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PsychoNeuroImmunology - Mind Body Medicine
The study and scientific support of psychoneuroimmunology goes back thousands of years. P.N.I. provides a framework to allow you to understand the habitual interaction between the mind and the body. This includes our thoughts, style and methods of coping. The endocrine (hormonal) and immune systems react and then act on these coping thoughts, feelings tendencies, perceptions and actions. The results affect our body chemistry and can develop and cause disease ...
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