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A personal career coach may seem like an unwarranted luxury in today's budget-conscious times, but may provide a sure-fire route to increase self-awareness and career satisfaction.

There's a need for the service, says ASK International chief executive Dr. Kris, as people accept responsibility and accountability for their own careers.

What the coach delivers
A non-threatening environment that allows the participant to express their concerns, problems and ambitions. Unconditional support without feeling judged.
An in-depth look at factors affecting the quality of life.
Identifying the causes and mastering stress.
A holistic plan to increase productivity.
Tools to bring about peace of mind and increased knowledge of yourself and others.
How to turn upset into harmony and replace apprehension with self confidence.
An opportunity to update information in the unconscious and programme yourself for success.
How to get off self-imposed treadmills and merry-go-rounds by identifying your choices, preferences and selecting your attitude to change.
How to build on your achievements.
Development of a personalised and manageable career plan.
How to function independently with continued success.
Follow up through informal exchanges to continually update priorities.
Marriage and partnership counselling.
How to transfer your skills and abilities while opening new doors of challenge.

What the coach requires

A willingness to learn and a commitment to your personal growth.
An open and willing attitude.
An interest in renewing your choices, realising your full potential and being in control of your career as you invest in the quality of your life.

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